The Carlton Rifle Brigade Hotel opened its doors in 1865 and began serving food and beverages to the people of Carlton.

In 1939 the building was renamed Hotel Astor and continued to serve locals and visitors that travelled into early Lygon St. The Hotel was re-named and reinvigorated many times following this.


In 2015 The Astor returned to its roots, taking up its original name and reinventing once more – this time to a new unique dining restaurant and bar that’s bringing fun back to food and
Melbourne pubs.

Our front public bar offers a relaxing, cozy and intimate spot to drink craft beer, sip on cocktails and wine with friends and snack on our bar menu. 

The Roving Marrow dining room is the Astor’s restaurant and recipient of a hat in the Good Food Guide 2016, listed top 500 restaurants in the Financial Review and Top 100 restaurants in the Herald Sun, delicious 100.

The name combines the concepts of ‘travelling in search of adventure’ and ‘heart, core, spirit and soul’. And the trolley style service on Sunday also reflects how we feel about dining it should be relaxed, fun and unpretentious.

Our menu is entirely dependent on the seasons. The dining room offers quality artisan ingredients. All produce, including meat and seafood, comes from small growers and farmers who where possible practice ethical and sustainable methods.


Due to the seasonality and innovative use of produce we can offer an evolving menu, so every visit delivers something different. 

On Sundays, you can try a little of everything with unlimited Yum Cha European style. Our chef specialties are wheeled around, allowing you to choose with all your senses.

Our wine list includes locally sourced wine, a smattering of European options and a number of boutique natural wine varieties from vineyards practicing little intervention.

Our cocktail list has been curated c/o our friend Mike Enright of the Barber Shop Sydney, resulting in a lively selection of mixes.

Welcome to The Astor.

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